Aortic Dissection

WebPage_AorticDissectionThe classic presentation of aortic dissection is described as the sudden onset of tearing chest pain radiating to the back.  The actual presentation of aortic dissection, however, can be quite variable and many cases are missed in patients with atypical symptoms.  A high index of suspicion is required in order to avoid a delay in diagnosis.  This is particularly important because the mortality rate exceeds 1% per hour after the onset of the dissection.  This module will discuss aortic dissection and its varied presentation as well as the diagnostic and management considerations.

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Phil Miller MD, Author – created 2013

Maria Ivankovic MD – module revisions 2018

Yasmine Mawji MD, Shirley Lee MD – editors

Miller, MD (Author), Maria Ivankovic, MD (Peer Reviewer)