Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS)

WebPage_ACSAcute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) is a term used to describe patients presenting with symptoms suggestive of underlying coronary artery ischemia or infarction.  ACS can be divided into ST elevation MI (STEMI), non-ST elevation MI (NSTEMI), and unstable angina.  ACS can be a difficult diagnosis to make as presenting symptoms may vary and the physical exam is often unrevealing.  There is no diagnostic test that is 100% sensitive or 100% specific.  It is not surprising therefore that in North America, two percent of patients with ACS are mistakenly sent home from the ED.  This module will discuss the clinical features and ECG changes commonly associated with ACS, review standard medical therapies, and summarize the AHA guidelines with respect to reperfusion strategies.

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Phil Miller MD – Author 2013

Maria Ivankovic MD – module revisions 2018

Yasmine Mawji MD and Shirley Lee MD – editors